Best Way To Make Your Blog Headline Infinitely Better In 2017

Here’s the funny truth about a blog headline:

There are WAY too many people in internet marketing, blogging, and content writing today that you can write blog headline this way or that way.

Few experts will suggest you that this tool will help you a lot or that tool will help you better in many ways.

If you’re serious about writing catchy headlines for your blog or high-quality headlines, you need to read this article only 🙂

Keep reading to learn how…

A few days ago I was reading a blog was published by Brian Dean (Follow Him On Twitter) on his blog that you can borrow headlines and there is a simple and easy way for that

yeah really it’s too funny:

Borrow Headline Formulas From BuzzFeed and ViralNova

Awesome, I did this & I called this formula as BuzzFeed Screamer Technique” See how?

Buzzfeed Article Headline

My Blog Headline

The idea for this header came from a post on BuzzFeed

Blog Headline

And you can do the same thing:

Me? I always think they’re geniuses who write these type of headlines for their blog

But now you also can adapt them for your blog post titles and subheadings. in the same way as they do.

Buzzfeed’s meteoric growth speaks for itself…

blog headline - buzzfeed technique

it’s not really hard to love headlines like these:

Blog healines


And they have already proved that their headline formulas grab people by the eyeballs.

Don’t believe just visit their website and judge yourself how large is their audience?

Obviously, some of their headlines are over the top.

That’s why I’ve put together a few Buzzfeed-style headline templates that grab attention…without going overboard:

  • Here Are 19 ___ That ____. And They’re Backed By Technology
  • I Tried ___. And Even I Was Surprised About What Happened Next
  • This ___ Makes ___ 100x Better
  • Use These 21 Simple Hacks For More ____. #7 Is Awesome
  • 11 ___ That Will Change The Way You ___
  • When You Learn About ___ You’ll Never ____ Again.




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