As digital marketers, 2017 is a year of innovations and changes. In this period of changes and innovation, the most obvious challenges are familiar, there is a brand new difficulty that appeared to rise daily. So, what are the most important and biggest digital marketing challenges?

Following are the biggest digital marketing challenges of 2018.

1- Updating yourself with the new technologies, programs, developments that happen at an amazingly quick speed.

2- Always trying to convince new clients that we are not ripping them off, Digital Marketing (at least on the organic side) does take time! We’re not lying to them.

3- Always trying to maintain some form of order when the Digital Marketing method keeps changing. I mean, the statistics that I look for in a website audit in February will be different than what I look for in May.

4- Desperately trying to keep prices of our services for customers low enough so that we can keep bringing small business owners.

5- Regularly revamping our own internal processes in order to streamline the work as much as possible.

6- We are still stuck in idle, focusing on data collection. Many marketers are just learning that “how to crawl” when it comes to making data actionable at scale. As 2016 was not much progressive in that direction.

7- Securing enough budget is pressing challenge for marketing globally.

8- Manging websites is a big challenge, your website’s performance should be high and it should be on top of your list of priorities

Watch ThIS Video – Questions asked the speakers from our Future of Digital Marketing conference for their views. (Updated 2015)

In the last year 2016, the digital marketing industry experienced various difficulties. It’s only up to digital marketers to discover the best strategies for handling these obstructions in 2018-19.

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