Best & Easy Way To Find Fake Twitter Followers ( Modi Has 60% & Trump Has 31%)

Today on 14-March-18, one news is trending on the web and social media that Modi and trump have fake followers but Narendra Modi and Donald Trump are not only on the list who have fake twitter followers or bots followers. This list is very long, See this screenshot:

fake twitter followers


According to the news, Trump, who has 47.9 million Twitter followers, has 37 percent “fake twitter followers” while PM Modi who boasts of 40.3 million Twitter followers has almost double the number of fake twitter followers—60 percent. Which means that more than half of his followers are not real.


Donald Trump Twitter Follower Audit:



Narendra Modi Twitter Follower Audit:




Meanwhile, @OfficeofRG, which is the official twitter handle of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, is also in the red with 31 percent audit score and 3,696,460 fake accounts and just 1,715,634 real accounts.




Now you want to know that how can you find your fake followers or fake followers of your competitor. There is an easy way to find fake followers in simple steps. You only need to follow these steps:


Step 1: Visit


fake twitter follower audit


Step 2: Login With Your Twitter Account


Step 3: Enter Your Twitter Handle & Analyze


fake twitter follower audit


Step 4: Find Report and Analyze How Many Fake Twitter Followers You Have


fake twitter follower audit


Twitter Audit uses an algorithm, which factors in the number of tweets, date of last tweet and ratios of followers to friends to authenticate an account. It also allows you to find and block fake followers.

This algorithm tries to produce a genuine and authentic report on the basis of followers activities and bots never perform activities they only use to mass follow and to increase fan following.

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