Best Online Marketing Strategy For Facebook And YouTube

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Research and Plan:

Online Marketing Strategy: First, start planning and do your research regarding your industry and your targeted audience (very important). There is a very popular quote among advertisers that goes like this, Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. by John Wanamaker; research and planning make sure you don’t waste 100%.

Online Marketing Strategy

Optimize your Product Page:

Make sure you optimize product page for your targeted audience, this will impact in higher CTR, which can lead to higher sell. A well-optimized product page should:

  1. Describe the product with a targeted keyword (related to the product itself).
  2. Good Design, Image and UX (The Importance Of User Experience (UX) In E-Commerce) etc.
  3. A Deal, Deal, Deal (People love deals. if you give them something special they will buy.)

Push :

Now you can push the traffic with Facebook and Youtube ads to your product page. This is where the marketing plan come in handy, cause you know who to go after and what they are interested in. All you have to do now is start a traffic generating campaign to direct buyers to your product page (Use dynamic ad, so each add server a purpose for the product page).

Refine :

Then, you repeat until you understand your buyers better, and can improve base on their interaction with your eCommerce website. eCommerce advertising is not easy, but it can be very beneficial if done right. Hiring an advertising agency can help a lot (Time & Cost).If you want to boost your ROI even further, look into retargeting ads and Marketing Automation tools.

Online Marketing strategy for YouTube and Facebook – or any other social media – depends first on if you intend to buy traffic or if you will work on organic traffic – unpaid traffic and interactions?

In both of the cases, your content is vital. You need to have a good story to tell, give the users a good reason to interact with you. That content can be based on what you do in your company and it can be packaged in many different ways using text, graphics, photos, video or a combination of these. Different users react to different things.

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