5 Best B2B Lead Generation Channel – A Unique Marketing Strategy

For A B2B lead Generation, one should choose and create a unique marketing strategy keeping in mind you are focusing on targeting business and not masses, the mediums that you want to campaign should be very specific to your industry.

B2B Lead Generation

Here Is These 5 Best B2B Lead Generation Channels :

1-Google Ad-words: We can start our paid campaign by choosing demography and initiating search + display ads, search ads should have the targeting that you are looking for and the keywords should be very specific as per B2B module so that you don’t burn out obsolete clicks. for display choose the sites which are relevant to the business directly and where you think these decision makers would be browsing like business sites (Stock, news, luxury cars, etc.).

2-Email Marketing: Acquire or hire any agency with a database of business contact and shoot out emails to gain engagement in your campaign and generate leads.

3-Linked-In: Most vital medium wherein you could reach CXO’s of all the business that you want to target since they are the decision makers for a business you could pitch in with your product and generate leads.

4-Social Media Marketing: Run a small budget campaign on all social media channels especially Facebook and twitter as per you targeting for demography, sector, gender etc. and do a complete analysis of the ROI you are getting from all the channels and then allocate the resources accordingly. You Should AlsoRead – 11 COMMON MISTAKES THAT ARE RUINING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY

5-Media Buying: Find out the inventory from the business sites where your audience could be, since you have also targeted the same through ad-words the site owners reserve good spaces for use of their own where most conversions happen.

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