Are Internet Marketers Scammer?

Are Internet Marketers Scammer? - Digital Marketing Blog, Digital Prakhar


If someone told you or you believe that internet marketers or digital marketers are a scam – IT IS WRONG

You need to understand that Internet marketing is a long time process. you need to approach clearly, without knowing that you can’t do it, because if you need your website top on google you should wait up to 3 to 5 months, if you need immediate it will not happen.

You should believe your marketer and give him access details of your website because he/she should modify your content, keywords, description, images, tags as per the ranking. Otherwise you cant get successful output from him.

Now question is that –


Why Am I Writing This Blog? (Are Internet Marketers Scammer?)


Because there is a myth in the market these days because of few people who provide fake likes on Facebook, Followers on Instagram and Twitter, provide fake subscribers, Fake traffic too and sometimes those people ran away after taking your money because these people are not able to full fill your orders.

It’s your fault if you are choosing wrong people for wrong services. Internet marketing has a great future especially in India and yes people are getting jobs in digital marketing too if they have skills.

Companies are getting benefits if they are choosing right digital marketing agencies for their services.


Now the question comes that how to choose a good digital marketing agency for your business?


Below are a few points that you need to remember before choosing any digital marketing agency and these signs will indicate you that an agency is not fit for you:


  1. They promise rankings overnight or within a very short period of time.
  2. They don’t perform a complete SEO audit on your website.
  3. They don’t take out the time to understand your customers or how you gain business and convert to sales.
  4. They don’t research your competitions as it’s not vital to rank.
  5. They care more about ranking and less about sales.
  6. They don’t have any on-page SEO recommendations or changes.
  7. They push for highly competitive keywords instead of building authority using long tail keywords.
  8. They charge you a less amount for your social media campaigns such as likes, share, reviews and provide results within hours.
  9. They commit you for thousands leads overnight.


Digital marketing will help visitors but not sure you will get business, it will be up to your website and your business. If a customer or visitor comes to visit your website that part belongs to marketer then that client /customer/visitor starts a business with you that is part of you and your support team.

Every industry has scammers and I agree somehow that unfortunately, the internet marketing industry has few scammers also.

There is a large number of scammers in Affiliate marketing because they want to earn commission and they suggest you worst product as the best product but again it is a small number of scammer in this category.


Last words for the above question – Are Internet Marketers Scammers?


No, not all internet marketers are scammers. Though scammers do exist in the industry and make the rest of the industry look bad. But, as stated above, scammers exist in every industry. The key is knowing how to identify and avoid a scam.

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