Best Way To Boost Rank In Search Engine Page Results ( SERP )

To boost rank in search engines or search engine page results is not an easy way but it is not impossible.

Boost Rank

Before starting, I would suggest you check the current position of your keywords so that it would help you to track the improvement after following my tips.

If you follow these simple techniques in a regular way then you can improve your ranking by 10 places within 15 days.

Step 1: – Optimize Your Home Page

It means you need to Optimize your home page with the main keyword which you want to rank on google., You need to check that:

Is it in the title of your page or not?

Is keyword in page description or not?

Remove keyword stuffing.

Enter keyword as the alt tag in post or page images.

Try to make keyword density good, it should be 5 times in whole page content and there should be a gap of 150 to 200 words. If you don’t have too much content then try to make an arrangement that keywords are properly distributed 5 times in whole content after the same gap.

“Include narrower and more targeted keywords than broad keywords. “

“Keep your title tags within 59 characters. Google considers 50-59 characters in displaying on a 512-pixel screen which means an average 55 lettered title tag is optimum.”

Step 2: Submit Home Page To Google ( Fetch As Google )

After optimizing the home page, you need to log in your search console account or webmaster account.

Then there is tab Fetch As Google under Crawl. Click on that and submit your home page URL for desktop and mobile both.

The only and main purpose of that you are feeding your new content to google and google will crawl it.

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Step 3: Optimize Your Subpages of Website

In step 3, you need to repeat only step 1 and step 3 but this step should be taken on a regular basis and you need to feed your updated content to google next 15 days.

“Try using actionable and psychological keywords in your blog post title. You can significantly boost your ranking using keywords like “updated”, “step by step guide” etc.”

Though these words themselves have nothing to do with SERP but they will increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) which is also a ranking factor.

Step 4: Competitor Analysis

You should focus on your Competitor as well when you will follow step 3 because it will help you to compete with your Competitor and will help you to best your Competitor.

To Analysis of your Competitor, only you need to enter target keyword in google and open 5 top websites from google search results.

After opening that websites you need to open sources their websites with the help of keyword by pressing CTL+U

In the source code of your Competitor websites, you need to search title, meta keywords, meta description and keywords in content. Take a look that how are they using keywords and analysis, how are the coming on top 5 in a google search.

Use their tactics including your idea and Optimize your whole website.

Step 5: Try To Get Backlinks But Good

Backlinks are very useful but good ones. For this simply you can target good websites with commenting.

“Note: Don’t comment on blogs that are spammy and irrelevant to your niche. “

You can join discussion forums according to your website niche or you can ask bloggers to provide you backlinks. But don’t try to spam because google bots are very smart.

“Internal linking is one of the safest ways to getting backlinks from your own site. This can also drain some search engine juice on otherwise old posts and eventually help the reader by showing him a related post of value”

So, you now have received the Top 5 SEO Tips To Boost Rank #1 in Google. I have followed these tips myself to improve the keyword rankings of my blog and they work awesome.

Follow these 5 steps to next 15 days and you will find that your ranking good in google.

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