5 Google Tools That Many Digital Marketers Didn’t Know About

There are many tools available for digital marketers on the web but there are 5 Google Tools that many digital marketers didn’t know about.

Some of these tool helps in providing great content and other for great graphs, I have been using these tools and you should try them out too.

1. Google Correlate

Google Correlate lets you track search trends over time. You can search for queries with a template that resembles a series of target data. The intriguing part of Google Correlate is the Character Search feature. In the following we can see rise and showed one of the graphics of “Mobile Sites”.

Google tools

2. Google Ngrams

This search engine helps you find a keyword in millions of books over 200 years, a useful tool for finding trends over time. Trace the frequency of any comma-delimited search strings using an annual number of N-grams found in sources printed in Google’s Google Corpora between 1500 and 2008.

If you search for the keyword Digital Marketing, you will see a trend of how many times the word has been used in books over the past years. You can reduce to a certain period of time and find specific books. Sure, there was a down trends in book industry but still you can see start of Digital Marketing according to the graph.

Google tools

3. Google Trends

It’s a great tool to do a comparative study on how search trends for multiple keywords behave in a given time period. It is based on Google Search, which indicates how often a given search term is entered in different regions of the world and in multiple languages relative to the total search volume.

Google tools


4. Google Think

It is a repository of the best knowledge base to make your life and research easier. It is a source of information, trends and research in Google’s digital marketing. Get creative inspiration, industrial intelligence and best practices for your business.

google tools


5. Google Public Data

Google Public Data Explorer makes it easy to crawl, visualize, and communicate large amounts of data. How images and maps come to life over time. You can search databases worldwide, and Google Public Data Explorer displays the data in a line chart, a bar chart, a scatter chart, or on a map. Look for cars and maps, for several cars and the projected growth stimulus for years to come.

Google Tools

So, what other tools are there that I might be missing.

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