5 Ways to Use #Hashtags on Social Media

If you don’t know that how to use hashtags in your social media posts, it means you are missing opportunities.

Hashtags are most important part of social media. Hashtag provide you excellent opportunities for discussion and provide excellent growth to your business.

But you may be wondering just how to use them or if you are using then you might be wondering just how to use them correctly.

Use Hashtags on twitter & Instagram
5 Best Ways To Use Hashtags on Twitter & Instagram

In this post, You are going to read that how can you use hashtags correctly on Twitter and Instagram.But Before reading those 5 ways to use hashtags-

Do you know what is hashtags?

How does a hashtag work?

Why should you use hashtags?

Let’s take a look!

What is Hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or phrase used on social media that follows the pound or number sign (#).

This hashtag helps to tie posts together with others and makes it easier for clients and reader to browse through the hashtag to find relevant information.

How Does A Hashtag Works?

As you read that hashtag helps to tie posts together with other posts and create engagement. According to the twitter theory —

“Using hashtags to categorize Tweets by keyword: People use the hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter search. Clicking or tapping on a hashtagged word in any message shows you other Tweets that include that hashtag.”

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Why Should You Use Hashtags?

You should use hashtags because they help direct people to your posts if they are not within your network.

With the help of hashtags, you can reach to the whole world and whole world is your audience.

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Now you are going to understand that 5 ways to use hashtags correctly on social media.

#1. Use AMAs – Ask Me Anything or Hashtag Chats

Ask Me Anything is a most popular concept of celebrities and user of Reddit, but nowadays many businesses and other social channels are adapting this tricks to increase engagement, communication, and dialogue.

If you know SEMRush, Recently SEMRush’s create a business chat with #semrushchat and this activity was very successful.

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#2. Unique Hashtags

If you want to stand out then you should use unique hashtags. I am not saying that you should not use trending hashtags but my aim to tell you is that you should mix unique hashtags in your social media posts to stand out while directing people to your accounts and websites.

#3. Follow Specific Hashtags to See More Discussion

When you are using Twitter, it is a great idea to make sure you follow specific hashtags to see discussions and anything your clients might be talking about. This is especially necessary if you create your own hashtag to get people involved in discussions.

#4. Utilize Trending Hashtags

It doesn’t matter that you are on which social media platform, using trending hashtags for hashtags is a great method.

It means you can use relevant trending hashtags to promote your business.

Best practice for using trending hashtags that you should use relevant hashtags to promote your business, website, blog, or infographic but people are using irrelevant trending hashtags also and generating good traffic on their content.

#5. Hashtags List For Strategy

Before you start any hashtag campaign on any social media platform, you should brainstorm few ideas.

This practice will help you to focus on the keywords you want to use for Twitter and Instagram while also helping you keep a list of all the hashtags you think can work for your business.

Do some extraordinary research into your top keywords and also take some time to look at Twitter and Instagram to see what hashtags are trending.

Research hashtags overall not just in your industry. You never know when you’ll be met with an excellent opportunity to advertise your business in a smarter way.


  • Everybody shuffle hashtags for their own benefits so there is no bad thing if you are suffering hashtags for your own benefit also.
  • You should enjoy the little dance and start doing the hashtag shuffle.
  • You should create a list, brainstorm the ideas and use for your business.
  • Follow the trends and use for your own profit and your business growth.
  • Participate in AKMAs or business chats and understand how are they engaging with their audience. You also can use those tricks to create your own business chats.

Thanks for reading, You can follow me on twitter or you can ask me anything on #DigitalPrakhar. I hope you like this post and will share with your friends and colleagues.