11 Kinds of Content Length For Everything in Marketing

Content Length - 11 Kinds of Content Length For Everything in Marketing

How Long Should A Content Be?

I get this a lot and maybe you do too.

But I found the answer, According to the Andy Crestodina ( A Chicago Based Marketer ) did the research and compile the length guideliness for 11 common types of content.

From his research, I am going to compile and share the content length guidelines for you. I compiled the data from his studies and my own research on search engine preferences and nuances.

Here are the 11 kinds of content length guidelines for everything in your marketing:

#1. Blog Post

Google is a research tool and andy writes that ” longer pages have more opportunities to indicate their relevance” and he also added, ” Google sees longer pages as more likely to contain the answer to the searcher’s query”.

So, The ideal length for a search engine optimized blog post is 1,500 words. That doesn’t mean longer content ( more than 1,500 words) isn’t warranted when the subject requires it.

It doesn’t mean that short posts are worthless. It means only; from a search engine perspective, around 1,500 is optimal.

#2. Title Tag

The ideal length for a title tag is 55 characters. Few people suggest that it’s 60 characters but the title tag is what becomes your link text – the first line, in Google search results.

In my research, I found that Google gives preference to those blogs and websites which have characters between 48 to 55. You can try yourself as I did :

I type a query in google ” Best Teaching Jobs Website ” and I found that 48 characters to 55 characters (including space) are ranking well compare to 60 characters or above.

Content Length


#3. Meta Description

The ideal length of meta description is 155 characters. The meta description like the title tag shows up in search results.

Meta descriptions can be any length, but search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 160 characters. It is best to keep meta descriptions long enough that they’re sufficiently descriptive but shorter than that 160-character limit.

#4. Paragraph

The ideal length for a paragraph is between 3 and 4 lines, maximum. Shorter paragraph helps a reader to understand the content and engage with the content.

#5. Domain Name

The ideal length for a domain is 8 characters, the only reason to limit domain name in 8 characters because short is easy to remember.

#6. Website Text Line

The ideal length for a line of text on a website is 12 words. If a line of text is too long, “it takes more weak to travel all the way across a long line of text, back and forth, over and over,”.

#7. Email Subject Lines

The ideal length of email subject line is 50 or fewer characters.There is no any specific reason but my research found that short email subject lines perform well better than longer subject lines.

#8. Facebook Post

The ideal length for facebook post is between 100 and 140 characters.

#9. Tweet

The ideal length for a tweet is 120 to 130 characters. twitter technically allows for 140 characters but the ideal length is shorter so that there’s a buffer for manual retweeting.

#10. Podcast

The ideal length for a podcast is 22 minutes because that’s the length of the average listener attention span.

#11. YouTube Video

The ideal length for a YouTube video is between 3 and 3.5 minutes. YouTube is a second most popular search engine and the percentage of viewers who watch the entire video is a ranking factor for your videos.

If your videos are very long, fewer viewers may watch the entire video but according to the many expert analysis, it could cause it to rank lower.


I am creating a quick explanation chart for you, it’ll help you to remind the ideal content length guidelines for everything in your marketing.

[table id=2 /]

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